Monthly Archives: August 2009

Canada-Latin America Exchange – Aboriginal Perspectives on CED

I recently participated in the Virtual Forum: Canada-Latin America Exchange – Aboriginal Perspectives on CED. The purpose of the forum was to share ideas and inspire practitioners to find ways for creating innovative models and strategies that fit with community values and continue to find ways to overcome barriers in community economic development. It was also hoped that the forum would help develop an ongoing method of sharing knowledge and experiences between indigenous / borigninal peoples in Canada and Latin America. Continue reading

Too idealistic?

I was just giving a talk about sustainable development to a group of 20 year olds at an Ecuadorian University. My comments about visualizing a new way of doing business and working together with different actors in society to build a vision of a sustainable future, were met with responses that this was too idealistic, that it would never happen. Although it is not the first time I have heard these comments, it was the first time that i actually realized why they thought this was idealist, because they had no good examples to believe in. Their daily lives and studies were filled with doom and gloom stories about climate change and natural resource depletion. This made me think that I am not making a big enough effort to communicate good examples in practice, inspiring rather than scaring people into not acting. Sustainability initiatives should be the norm and not the abnormal. And integrating sustainability education into everything will be an important part of this. It can no longer be a question of why we should do it, but how we are doing it and what is working.