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Quote from the keynote address at the 2013 Carbon Neutral Symposium


“Truly generative thinking about the “how” of climate action requires risk taking, and that itself is a discipline with which we need to be more highly skilled. We need not simply new techniques but also a considered balance of old and new to shock or seduce our ideas into unexpected and suggestive rearrangements – generating new material for our constructive imagination. And we need this because local governments, local businesses, local NGOs and local academia, to say nothing of provincial organizations and the citizens in our communities, are ready and willing – they are ready and willing to implement change, to engage with one another; to expand their knowledge, to navigate the labyrinth of agency, awareness, and association that ultimately leads to action, especially the darker green -never-been-done-before-so-it’s-going-to-be-hard kinds of actions that result in the big leaps forward.”

Rob Abbot, Executive Director, Carbon Neutral Government, Green Communities & Climate Action Outreach
Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Province of British Colombia

*Photo of Graphic Recording in progress by Sam Bradd

at the 2013 Carbon Neutral Symposium: