Please contact me to assist your organization with:

  • Strategies and action plans for sustainable organizations, processes and methods
  • Facilitation of participative decision-making processes
  • Capacity building programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation, indicator development and reflective learning for sustainability planning
  • Action research, learning and development processes that empower local leaders and create bottom up processes

My own interests are:

1. Investigating and documenting good practice and learnings from sustainability programs around the world (for all levels and sectors).

2. Planning sustainability programs and processes that are inclusive, participative and empowering.

3. Improving monitoring and evaluation processes of sustainability programs and initiatives with the aim of not just improving effectiveness but, improving planning processes, measures of success, local involvement and diffusion of learnings.

4. Facilitation, capacity building and partnership development for sustainable development.

5. Design and implementation of participative and learning methodologies and processes for sustainable development.

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