Baterias Sanitarias Ecológicas (BSE)

Baterias Sanitarias Ecologicas, Puna Island, EcuadorThis 2 part project focused primarily on the socialization of 4 ecological toilets in construction for 4 different communities on the Island. This included: informing islanders about the project and training a group of locals in the operation, maintanence and administration of the bathrooms. More info about the toilet….This was an interesting project. We thought that our biggest challenge would be getting people to use the bathrooms, since it is not what most people conceive as a normal way to go to the toilet. However, the project took another turn, most people were happy to get any type of toilet. I think i had a bit of ethical trouble with this project. The toilet’s weren’t for domestic use but for tourist use. How could we be thinking about tourists before actually thinking about the residents? In the end, there wasn’t much i could do about this, just reassure myself that we would make a proposal for more bathrooms and that the increased tourism would bring benefits to the locals.The initial workshops that presented the project and the importance of ecological sanitation were quite successful. According to the evaluations, the islander’s understood the benefits of the toilets and their difference to a regular flush toilet. The challenges came when having to prepare the operators for their task as administrators of the bathroom. As the theoretical part of the training was often a little over their heads, the hands on practical aspects of the capacity building worked quite well. There wasn’t as much embarrassment i was expecting among males and females in the group.In all of our projects we realized the importance of training of internal staff. 

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