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Learning About Sustainability 2, Puna Island

Sustainable Beach Management Project: We often think about economic, societal and environmental dimensions separately. Sustainability asks us to think systematically, to understand the relationships between these dimensions and how activities in one area cause reactions and effects (positive and negative) in another. Sometimes demonstrating the relationship actively can help to develop understanding among individuals. And it can be fun too!Learning About Sustainability, originally uploaded by sonja.janousek.

Here on Puna Island a facilitator uses 3 ropes tied together and a tug of war between economic, environmental and societal forces to demonstrate tensions that can be produced when decisions are made unbalanced.

Learning About Sustainability, Puna Island

Sustainable Beach Management Project: Until recent efforts to bring tourism to their virgin beaches, communities on Puna Island lived relatively isolated from the rest of Ecuador and the world. The Sustainable Beach Management Program (POP), working since 2007 on the island, aims to assist community members in the development of activities that conserve natural resources and raise awareness about the fragility of their island, mangrove environment. Continue reading

Sustainability processes and the private sector

Eco-efficiency Program: How can we increase the private sector´s participation in sustainability?A reflection on actual practices, values and commitment to sustainability might be a good place to start.In 2007-8 I worked for an environmental consultancy in Ecuador with the philosophy: we practice what we preach. As this is no easy feat, they hired me to assist them with this process and develop a similar program for businesses and offices interested in doing something positive for the environment. Continue reading