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Interview with Mini-mal Collective

Interview with Mini-mal

Oct 27th, 2011

This interview was motivated by a desire to know more about an economic initiative (mini-mal  is a business) that seeks to strengthen Colombian socio-cultural and environmental identity using art as a strategy. It is considered that mini-mal´s more than 10 years of experience, serve not only as a good example, but as a source of learning for individuals and organizations looking to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.


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Sustainability processes and the private sector

Eco-efficiency Program: How can we increase the private sector´s participation in sustainability?A reflection on actual practices, values and commitment to sustainability might be a good place to start.In 2007-8 I worked for an environmental consultancy in Ecuador with the philosophy: we practice what we preach. As this is no easy feat, they hired me to assist them with this process and develop a similar program for businesses and offices interested in doing something positive for the environment. Continue reading